Cakirbag (Turkey) - 19796 - 2013-08-01

Cakirbag (2013) Cakirbag (Turkey) - 19796 - 2013-08-01. [Practice/process]

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Title: Cakirbag (Turkey) - 19796 - 2013-08-01
Photo number: 19796
Photo authenticity: pose: Unknown
Photo authenticity: activity: Unknown
Photo authenticity: setting: Unknown
Date: 1 August 2013
Date: accuracy: Only year and month are known
Location: site name: Cakirbag
Location: country: Turkey
GPS-north: degrees: 37
GPS-north: minutes: 11
GPS-north: seconds: 33
GPS-east: degrees: 33
GPS-east: minutes: 8
GPS-east: seconds: 26
GPS accuracy: Accurate
Family number: 126
Family name: Poaceae
Genus number: 22
Genus name: Triticum
Species number: 9343
Species name: Triticum turgidum ssp. durum
Process: level 1: Harvest/food processing
Process: level 2: Post-harvest processing
Process: level 3: Fragmentation
Process: level 4: Threshing
People: gender: Unknown
People: age: Unknown
Object: level 1: Harvest
Object: level 2: Grain
Object: level 3: Principal product
Environment: level 1: Not relevant
Photographer: Cappers, R.T.J.
Figure: 2135
GPS North WGS84: +37.19166667
GPS East WGS84: +33.14055556
Caption: Grain from Hard wheat (Triticum turgidum ssp. durum). This grain is used for making bulgur, tarhana, and bread. Large and heavy fragments of the culm and rachis as well as diaspores of some arable weeds are present, including those from Wild oat (Avena fa
Depositing User: Unnamed user with email
Date Deposited: 26 Sep 2017 12:48
Last Modified: 26 Sep 2017 12:48

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